12 Mil MotoCross Kit Laminating Film

We have several unique products for the motocross or off-road racing graphics industry which are listed below. RemiGlossy®12 is our signature MX Kit product.  It is a high gloss, double polished vinyl laminating film used extensively in the creation of custom motocross graphics, MX Decals, Motor Cross Racing Kits, atv decals, quad racing graphics and sponsor decals. RemiGlossy®8 is ideal for those applications that require a thinner, but durable gloss laminating film that is is easier to contour cut.  LSE 3000 is a high gloss, printable vinyl with a high tack adhesive ideal for low energy substrates. It is ideally used in conjunction with the RemiGlossy® 12 or the RemiGlossy® 8 to create eye-catching motocross graphic kits. As you can see from the photo, our clients create eye-catching, unique graphics that are durable.

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